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Long Distance - Five Things To Be Aware Of About Long Distance Relationships

Five Things to be Aware of about Long Distance Relationships

Getting Physical Takes Time
He or she lives in a different city so you think you will visit her for a quickie to catch up on things. Women need time to get intimate. Studies show that to maintain a healthy hormonal balance women need to have regular encounters or no intercourse at all. Men are more flexible as they can show up on demand, but women will experience hormonal withdrawal every time she stops being with a man. Twice or more times per week is what a woman needs to have her needs for a man's presence fulfilled. The process is called homeostasis and it's important when it comes to sex too. An imbalance in homeostasis of the reproductive system in women will lead to premature menopause and mood swings among other things. You might fly in for a couple weeks to catch up on things, but then one person leaves and the woman starts feeling lonely because of a physiological process.

You Get More Information In Person
You don't really get to know a person until you see them in person. There are certain habits people have that you don't know until you see for yourself. Some things will bother you, some things you won't mind. The point is that you won't know how you feel until you experience it in person. Ever had a job that was the best thing in the world when you applied for it on paper, but turned out to be a dungeon. Same idea, you don't know until you do it in person.

You Might Fall In Love With The Wrong Person
Some people have a nice voice over the phone. Some might work in a call center or something, it's something they are good at. If they are good on the phone they keep you interested. But when you're married you'll see eachother in person and in your bedroom every day. What are you going to do, ask them to go in the other room and call them on the cell phone. Same thing with text messages.

You Don't See Their True Feelings
You can't see body language. Couples communicate eighty percent with non verbal communication. How are you going to know he or she is telling the truth if you can't look them straight in the eyes. How much do you trust this person. How do you know she's not keeping you around for a place to stay when they're in town.

Chemistry Is Important
There will be processes happening on a chemical level when you spend time with a member of the opposite sex. You think you are logical, but people are more emotional than they think. Attachment is created by a chemical process based on biology. Why do you think they make big screen TV's. It creates presence and attachment. It's feelings that later have them coming back for more of that memorable good stuff. To miss you they needs to remember you and the biggest sense tied to memory is tied to smell. People detect the smell of their own hormones which are generated by your physical presence. If you are not there you won't be able to influence that chemistry to create deep impact memories for you.
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