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I could not find your post so put this here.

From a post by Angel under this depression forum:
But I'm also reading the book "Life Makeovers" by Cheryl Richardson. It's the one book that snapped me back into reality when I walked out on my other relationship. I also have her other book "Take Time For Your Life". Ever heard of them?

I got Take Time for Your Life from the library and want to read more of her books. It looks like a good plan for putting my life into balance. She has a pie chart that shows the areas in life that are important to well being and how mcuh time we normally devote to those areas. The premise of the book is to spread all areas into equal segments of the pie. For example, most people spend most of their pie time on work.



Thank you HeartArt, I'm going to get those books from our library. It's great to have them recommended as there are SO many to choose from on the shelves; so thanks for the direction. I'll let you know what I'm learning from them over the next
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