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hi Sarah- :)
I'm Marion...
from Birmingham, England's 2nd city :D

are you from Canada, the States, or elsewhere?

Welcome, - look forward to getting to know you a little.


Welcome, Sarah! If you've already been looking around and posting, you have discovered this is an interesting place. We'll see you around!


hi,I am leena i m doing my masters in psychology so thought to join this forum.may be i can be helpful and can get first hand info from any buddy in this forum


Hi Leena

Right now I am an outsider looking in... I thought that this group was about working with other people that feel or suffer the same types of behaviors. Although I post in private messages, and have a few people that I do communicate with on a regular basis I would not be happy if I found out that other people were using my life experiences without my express persmission for their thesis or other papers to attain a psycholgoy degree. To my way of thinking I would find this tantamunt to exploitation.

Sorry if I sound bitter, I don't mean to be, it's just that people like me need to have a private forum to meet and discuss issues that we need to discuss without being judged or used for some other alternative reason.

David Baxter PhD

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I assume that when Leena used the term "first hand info" she did not mean she was gathering thesis data but rather that it was an opportunity for her to learn more about psychology and the various disorders and issues that trouble people.

This is indeed meant to be a support forum but also a forum for learning more about psychology, psychotherapy, and mental illness. Anyone who used posts from a forum like this without express permission would be guilty of copyright violations and breach of human ethics in research.


All of you thank youu soo much .you didnt sound bitter at all .and i really mean it .but sometimes you really look for a right place where you could get to know people communicate with them and ask them for little help 'LITTLE' hehehhe.. hope you get the idea.I am a book worm.and i love reading lots and lots of books so i think it sound silly to ask for help.well actually i really dednt mean it may be this was just a way of introducing to you people
regards to all


Hi BrianneD

Welcome to our family. I'm looking forward to getting to know you as well. I'm not in here as much as others are right now. I'm in the process of learning web design and self teaching myself along the way. So my time is a bit limited, but I am trying to make it in a bit more often.

Take care!
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