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My first post here was partially an adrenaline rush, and I never really introduced myself, so I felt I should.

First off, I go by Cheyenne here (Obviously) and I?m in high school. I?m very much an outdoors tomboy kind of girl. I love snakes and lizards and will catch wild ones on occasion.
I really like animals. Along with an assortment of other pets I?m really attached to my German Shepherd, I also walk another German Shepherd I?m fairly attached to as a favor for a neighbor. I love to take them on really long walks.
Another thing I really like to do is photography, mainly of the two shepherds while on their walks. I?m a member of a German Shepherd forum and I often share some of my pictures there.

I came here originally looking for support and advice, and I got it. I?m extremely thankful that the nice people here were willing to listen to what I had to say and try to help me through it all. I can?t say thanks enough, neither to those people nor Dr. Baxter for making the forum. It?s extremely helpful and informative. Because of the help it?s given me I really hope to become more active here soon.

I think that?s it, but I probably did forget something, oh well.
nice to meet you cheyenne :) i haven't responded to any of your posts because i did not have anything to add to the feedback from everyone else, but i have been following your writings. i am glad you have found psychlinks and that it has been helpful to you. :)


Hi and welcome!!!
I have two German Shephard Dogs of my own, Shiloh my boy, and Shoshona my little girl. I also enjoy photography. I hope you like it here and get a chance to meet lots of new friends.
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