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I have had it. Can some one please tell me what im doing wrong.? I don't feel right in my own skin everything is wrong and every time I go to work out my work outs seem to be getting harder and longer, and Im not looking like ive done anything. i've been carefulll with what i eat. Gosh sometimes i think I have ate to much and my stomach is telling me i need to put more food in there.? Im just frustrated...

David Baxter PhD

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The problem, of course, isn't your body but your perception of your body. In another post, you spoke of feeling in a cycle of depression - that tends to create pervasive negative thinking about everything - what is termed "Distorted Thinking" or "Twisted Thinking" in the cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) books.

Something to bring up with your doctor/therapist?
Depression itself is called a cyclic state, because of the tendancy to 'think bad thinks' 'feel bad due to thinking bad things' 'thinking only bad things due to feeling bad' (supported by research) 'feeling bad' etc
ohh my hormonally. I wish I wasn't a girl.. Is that due to all of our hormons changing all the time im kind of confused. sorry to ask you all these questions. how are your hormons related?

David Baxter PhD

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Hormones affect neurotransmitters and vice versa, and that can affect mood and emotional reactivity in susceptible individuals.

It happens in men, too. It's just more noticeable in women.
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