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Well i was sort of sick and tiered of always writing about how everything sucks in my life and i am visioning changing that to more positive things so here it is well i was wondering for all of you soon to be graduate in the upcoming future what are you interest the famous question everyone asked us a couple of year s ago has changed and evolved as we matured and well this is what i want to be please post your dreams and ambitions for our adult years:
i want to be a social worker .. i love teens i find that we are so complex and interesting we have so many ways to be different from one another .. i want to work to help them evolve insight of difficulties and help them realize that life is yet hard sometimes so amazing i want them to see the differences they can make happen around them .. nice little resume basically i want to prevent what happened to me to ever happen to someone i know.
yours truly
Re: futur plans!!

That's good, Ashley. It's always good to have some kind of healthy goal to work towards. :) :)

You can do it. :)


Good goal, Ashley-Kate! It's always good when you can use your own experiences to help others. Keep up the positive thinking, hon. :)



What a worthwhile goal to work toward. Your personal experience will be a valuable asset in helping others facing similar challenges.

Having long term goals combined with a number of attainable short term goals is a wise strategy to develop and gives one a daily purpose. The long term goal helps form the short term goals so there becomes a roadmap to measure how it's going.

The important part of setting goals is to make them attainable, because otherwise you set yourself up for disappointment.

At what stage is your plan to become a social worker?
well for that i was in a phase that i wanted to be a psychologist for like the longest time but now with well all of the things that it takes and due to my missing many months of school and not having the greatest average and all well i want to try to go into social working with adolescents either in a school or in a clinic for teens but if it is in a clinic i want to work at the Douglas hospital in the day clinic for teens cause i was there for my treatment and i find it is a great place . or just basically i want to be able to work with young girls or boys that live the same thing i am going through now and by then i hope to be able to say that i recovered.
yours truly ashley


Hey Ashley~ It sounds like you have some really great plans for youself. I'm sure you'll be able to help a lot of people, especially with your personal experiences. That's great news to hear that you're interested in doing such good work. :goodjob:


Hi Ashley-Kate,
Your plans sound so interesting, I know you must be excited about them, I think you can achieve and offer so much, all the best!
Take care you can make it happen Ashley-Kate. I think your a very special young woman with so much to offer. :) ;)


Hi AK,

Congratulations on making a choice for yourself and I think that you will make a great social worker with your personal experiences and good instinct.

Good luck with your future endeavours. :)



i want to work at the Douglas hospital in the day clinic for teens cause i was there for my treatment

Consider that the Douglas Hospital is just one mental health facility in Montreal and being a government employer, jobs may not necessarily be available. You may wish to broaden your scope to include a career at one of the many other mental health facilities in Montreal, or even the CLSC's which are on the front line of providing support to young people.

Another facility you may wish to explore, as I believe they also employ volunteer workers is the Head and Hands Clinic in N.D.G.

Head and Hands is a facility established to provide health and psychological support to young people and has a long standing excellent reputation.

Working at the Douglas Hospital could be a long term goal, because positions may not be available when you are ready, but you may consider various other options as short term goals in the meantime.

Do you think some of the other facilities might makes sense as options for your career goal?
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