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hello , lately i have been looking into treatment places and other alternatives than hospitilisation and well i recently caught pneumonia and it is trullly hell but seeing how my imune systeme is really not dependant at all and well i found out that at one of the places i was hospitlised well they have open discussions at night every monday about e-d although it is about 3 hours away once i am on my own? planning on going to one of thm to see what it is like and to see if it helps but i am unsertain about it.. i was woundering if anybody has ever went to any sort of thing or group therapie..
yours trully
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Hey Ashley-Kate. I've been in a few group therapy groups and I found them to be excellent. I found it really healing just to be around other people who I could identify and talk openly with. The other thing is that if you do decided to check it out, and then don't really feel like it's for you, you can always stop going. I always found it comforting to remember that about anything I start :).
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