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Hi out there!

I feel a bit awkward, but I don't feel awkward about admitting I'm feeling awkward. lol

I suddenly thought of everyone here after such a long time dealing with my, um, difficulties... I just wanted to say thank you all so much for all your help. And apologize for when I mistook Truth for trying to hurt me. Or Help for an attack. That sort of thing.

This forum was (and hopefully still can be) a BIG help for me.

Anyways, I thought I'd stay and lurk a while...

Anyone have any landmark moments, or new stuff about themselves that they want to share? :D

Thanks again!!!

:D - H
It is nice to hear from you again glad you are reaching out here hope you know how much you are appreciated here as well. welcome back JGJB


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Lovely to see you JGJB! I have been thinking of you.

Please remember too JGJB that anyone here could have had an off day at times or misunderstood/mistaken something from time to time, or not perfectly remembered/kept track of all the details of something that was happening at a particular moment - it can happen to any human, no exceptions.

A place just isn't the same without a jolly green jelly bean...:) :) :)
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