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i'm not sure where this i'm posting here.

i get anxious at the thought of leaving my house.

mostly, because i get anxious when i am out of the house.

i have social phobia/anxiety to begin with...but it's like as soon as i leave the house, and know that people will see by me, etc. i get very nervous.

loud noises normally set off anxiety in me also, so knowing that is a possibility, gets me nervous on top of the other anxiety.

i get nervous walking down the street. i try to stay calm, but it hardly ever works.

being in public also makes me anxious.

i have had a few bad panic attacks, and i think that fear also is in the back of my mind (combined with all of the above).

i recently have met a lady to start up a PTSD group with. the thought of having to talk to her on the phone, or even meet up again in person, puts me on edge.

it isn't because it's about her...i really don't know what the issue is..

but basically, all of this, holds me hostage in my house a lot.

sometimes it is mild, and other times severe.

i do not like being alone in public, i fear i will have an anxiety/panic attack, and not be able to get somewhere 'safe' in time (even though i normally run into a bathroom somewhere).

i have always had this..well it got worse in high school.

i had to stop even going to my friends house because it made me nervous...i still get nervous at the thought of being too far from home...even if it's to visit family.

i have started trying to use positive self talk while i am out. i try to remind myself that i am ok..that i deserve to be out in public..that nothing is wrong with me..people do not think i'm ugly...etc.

i have just a whole list of anxiety issues..but they all seem to meld together.


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Re: hard time leaving house/interacting

I had (and still do at times) to deal with the type of anxiety myself. The articles that were suggested a definite great place to start.

Some other tips that helped me:

  • Taking music with me on road trips, something that is soothing
  • Focusing on my breath, grounding techniques like noticing what people are wearing (silently saying: "My friends is wearing a blue top with gold buttons")
  • Planning escape routes, sitting at end seats so if I have to leave I can
I had to go through some desensitizing to get me out in the world again. The key is gentleness.

Glad your here

Hi Iam

I suffer with much the same as you about the going out and panic attacks whilst I am out, what I do now is go out earlybefore theres too many people about and before the traffic gets bad so theres not so many of the things that stress me about, Saturday mornings are best its still not easy and i find now I still have to "plan things" its like a military operation sometimes trying to avoid stuff out there, and sometimes something unexpected will happen and send my aniexty level up, I fear panicking in public I use to go out only with someone incase that happened at least then I would have help, but I lost all my support a year ago and have had to do all my shopping and things on my own and it hasnt been easy, you just have to take things slowly, plan ahead, breath properly and try not to dwell on things when they go wrong, not worry they will happen the next time which is what I use to do, alot of the time they dont happen again, it isnt easy tho and I can really relate to how you feel about being a hostage in your own house, I feel that too! it might be wise when your out to know in advance where the public toilets are, or where there are benches or quiet places where you can just go whilst you get your panic under control, I know all the public toilets alleyways and benches in green areas on my high street so if I need to run I can!! for me now its ajust about getting things done the best I can and working round how I feel, as I said its not easy, hope this helps a bit regards TTE


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I know all the public toilets alleyways and benches in green areas on my high street so if I need to run I can!! for me now its ajust about getting things done the best I can and working round how I feel,

I know where all the public restrooms and alleyways are too. :) And your right Through These Eyes, it is a bit like a military operation and it can be done - one step at a time.

I can relate also with you I am at the point now where I can not even leave my front porch alone. I pop out only to crab the mail ,even that short time sends me into panic mode.I panic at the thought of going out even with my hubby now. So if your still able to get out by yourself please keep doing it or it will only get worse .When I use to go out I would count to myself or hum a song look at all the flowers read anthing for distraction and a lot of self talk telling myself I was ok and doing fine.
I wish I would have been stronger to keep pushing myself forward but what made it worse for me was that we moved into a new area which is much busier than any place I have lived in the past. When I get to the closest main road which is really busy for me I feel like I have just walked onto the qweensway.Everything around me is 5 times louder 5 times faster it just freaks me out.So leaving my home now for me alone would be one big nightmare,
so you hang in there keep fighting
no I haven't,but I find reading very hard.The consentration is just not there.
I'm just starting to be able to focuse on things again.Haven't even been on the computer for 4 years. But I will keep it in mind.
But I am truly loving this forum wish I found it years ago I feel connected some what to the outside world again and everyone is so nice.
thank you
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