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Hi guys !
(*Waving to everybody.*)
I'm totally new here and just found this place. I am really interested in psychology and learning about people. That's the one thing I wish I could have gone into in college, but maybe I have too many problems..? Anyway, this place is a cool idea, and how gracious of these professionals to take time out to help us. Also I'm very impressed with the maturity of these threads I've been reading. I've been at home on the internet for years now, but it's like a whole new world when you find so many educated, intelligent people in one place. I'm still getting a thrill just from seeing 'psychology' spelled right everywhere !
(They tell me I'm easily amused.)

These intro posts are usually boring, so I'll try to spice up the format.
Basic stuff about me includes but is not limited to:

27 years old.
It's a Girl ! aka: female, hen, cow, filly, doe, hind, sow, chickie, dame, innie, etc.
I live in an apartment in Washington State, USA
I live alone except for a cat. He pretty much runs my whole operation.
I'm single and definitely NOT "looking."
I'm a Libra, but I should be a Virgo... Cause I AM. Yep. At 27.
I don't drive. I was never able to pass the driver's test.
Native Californian.
I'm an artist.
Non-smoker, non-drinker. No drugs. Actually I've never tried a cigarette even once.

And I have some issues: A pretty disruptive Sleep disorder, some social phobia, history of eating disorders, and I used to be a cutter. Also I have some kind of sexual aversion going on. (I don't consider that a problem, though. Just saying.) My main issue is the sleeping problem, because I get the waking dreams and hypnogogic hallucinations very bad. I would love to get some help for that, but like most normal people I can't afford therapy.
So I'm hoping this forum can give me some insight, and maybe I can help some people or at least empathize with them about their problems.
And here is some other stuff.. not really important but it's part of the tapestry:

I say "Care uh Mell," not "Car-Mull."
I do like black jelly beans, but once in a while.
I think I'm a Type A.
I floss every day, without fail.

Thanks for reading. I'll see you all around the boards and look forward to getting to know you all ! :eek:)


Welcome Sea Swirl!

It's never too late to study psychology at college or university, if that is something you would like to do.

Sea Swirl

Thank you for the welcome, David and HeartArt. :eek:) I've really been enjoying reading your posts. It's so informative here, and a great opportunity for people. If they can't afford therapy, at least they can get feedback in a positive setting here.
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