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I am kind of new to the whole forum thing so please forgive me. I am a 21 year old male that lives in Virginia. I was originally born in colorado. I had a happy childhood from what I remember of it. About the age of 11 or 12 years old I started to lash out at everyone. I would skip class and drink excessivly and do drugs all the time. I dropped out of school at the age of 16. I have one sister who has 4 children going on 5. My parents split up when I was 15 and my father moved away with his mistress. I worked until the age of 18 and moved from colorado to live with my father in arizona. I went back to colorado to visit and met an old girlfriend by chance and we got back together. She came to arizona to live with me and my father for the summer and from there i came to virginia to live where she goes to college. She has helped me turn my life around. I dont do drugs anymore and she has helped my get my G.E.D. and also helped me get into my first semester of community college. I have always had a history of depression and I have also been told that I am Bi Polar. I have worked so hard to turn my life around yet no matter how much I try I still have issues with jealousy and relationship/social problems. I know this is a long backround but maybe it will help everyone help me. Thank you. I plan to try everything I can to get my life back in order
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Welcome LostInsideMyself!

I am glad that you have found us here and look forward to getting to know you better.

It sounds to me like you have come a long way in your life! Typically those who experience jealousy and relationship problems tend to be insecure and have difficulty with self-esteem. One important question to consider is how vulnerable to do you feel in the relationship you are in? I have found that when we feel vulnerable in relationships we tend to distance ourselves with our feelings (especially anger), over analyzing the other person, and even our humor.


Hello "ThatLady"!

I'm so flattered and thrilled that you said Hi to me!?!? Wow, I count!!!

Thank you for your welcome. Really appreciated.

So why does it mean nothing when other people I know say "Hi" to me when they see me...? I don't know! It's not half as exciting!

I'm only a little disappointed that my name isn't so original that there's another lost right here... although perhaps I should be comforted that I'm not the only lost one. And I'm not sure if I'm lost inside myself, or somewhere else. I don't even know where I'm lost.

And I like your quote about making mistakes.

Here's mine:
I used to think I was indecisive. Now I'm not sure.


Of course you count! We all count! Each and every one of us is important to the world, and to the others in the world, even if we don't know one another on a personal basis.

As to the quote, it's something my mother said to me when I was a teen and always down on myself for something or another. It's helped me more times than I can remember. :)
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