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Hi everyone!
I'm in my 40's and have suffered with depression,aniexty agrophobia all my life, my life is at the lowest point it has ever been and the moment, for reasons to many to go into straight away, one thing is that I would dearly love to meet someone and settle a bit, but no one wants to know who when you have my illness and Ive resigned myself to a life of being alone. I've been under a lot of stress recently and the Aniexty/phobia side of things gets worse and makes my life miserable, I find life hard to cope with and when things go wrong get very angry with people, the only reason I get up in the morning and do things is because I have pets who rely on me and they keep me going and hoping things will get better but it never does. Anyway that is a little about me, I've glad I found this board it seems to have everything on,Have been searching for a place like this for ages! Look forward to chatting with you all .

David Baxter PhD

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Welcome, through-these-eyes.

I think it may be too soon to resign yourself to a life of being alone. What avenues have you tried to help you manage the anxiety?
Hello Mr Baxter
I do general relaxation, breathing exercises, tensing and relaxing the my whole body, also use imagery techniques and new world music, as a last resort I use Valium, but only in small doses and for short periods of time, I find if I use it too long and then cut it down and come off it I get the aniexty back worse, the music helps alot, its one thing that always has done, but I find it hard to relax and use these techniques when Im outside. I have also tryed Vitamins, herbal tablets, homopathy and aromatherapy.
I dont tolerate anti-depressants well, have had bad side effects so tend to steer clear, Over the years I have seen a few psychologists, some who have helped me and inproved my life, but at this time I am stuck, all the available help centres round a local mental health resource centre and my local area one has a bad reputation,, I left ages ago after a big disagreement over my treatment and staff treatment too, they treat you as a label, not a person, and you have no right or choice in your treatment, some of the staff are rude, my GP has tryed to get help from other sources but I am always referred back to that place and I dont want to go there, my GP respects this as he know some of the problems I have had from there.
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