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I just happened on this site. l am from Ottawa ,but now live a hop away across the border on the Quebec side in a very small former logging town from years ago.

l suffer from a wide range of disorders such as former child abuse at the hands of my Mother, Sister whom l have no contact , Father who abandoned me, PTSD, abusive marriages, loss of a child, Severe Panic and Anxiety Disorder, Dysthmia, Agoraphobia, Mixed Personality Disorder, Avoidant personality Disorder, Insomnia. l am slowly working on myself and since l am now living with my daughter alone, l am feeling better than when l was in the relationship which l felt was not the best for me, and at this time, l need to take care of myself so l am a better parent for my 16 yr. old daughter.

I am getting Therapy and also meds for my condition. lt is a game of which meds will work for me.

Hope to get to know all of you.


Hi Chelles!

Welcome to Psychlinks. Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start as many as you would like.

lt is a game of which meds will work for me

It is common for medications of this type to take a while to show effectiveness in reducing symptoms, or for you and your doctor to find the right combination of medications that work with your particular brain chemistry.

Communication with your doctor is your most important strategy, to report how you feel and to report any adverse or unexpected reactions. Your doctor can then fine tune your medications.

How long have you been receiving treatment this time?


l have been suffering from some of the symptoms most of my life, such as PTSD, from childhood abuse and being hit by a car as a child and almost dying, being left with memories and physical scars, then onto various other things that happened throughout my life and when l would explain to someone or my Dr., they would tell me that l was like any other person under stress and having to deal with it and be strong when inside, l was falling apart and finding it hard to leave the house or afraid of people, being judged, or blaming myself for everything and anything and when l was abused, l thought l had deserved it because l was worthless. l just tried to hide how l was feeling inside.

After many years of living this way, and living in the USA for a short while, l knew definately there was something very wrong with me and l was scared knowing that l could not get medical help for myself, so l had to come back to Canada and that was two years ago. After spending some time with my Mother , her verbal abuse towards me made me feel Suicidal and l went to the Clinic near her home, having a major panic attack begging the Dr. for help.
They had wanted to Hospitalize me then and there but l begged them to let me stay out for the sake of my 16 yr. old daughter and l started being treated then on Effexor and Clonezepam.
After some talk Therapy l knew l had to get away from my Mom , so my Daughter and l moved to a small town in Quebec across the River from Ottawa, far enough away from Ottawa , that there is enough distance and privacy to live our lives.
l have a Therapist and a Psychiatrist, whom l have been seeing since l moved here a year and a half ago.

Some events occured recently that unfortunately undid all the work the Therapist had done to help me, so we are back to square one again, so my meds are again going to be changed to see if there is something more suitable out there to help me.


Hi Chelles and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome:

I hope to see you around and get to know you better :wave:



It sounds like you are on the right track. It must have taken a great deal of courage on your part to make the changes necessary for what is important to you and to your life.

Please feel free to share your concerns and keep us posted on your progress.


:welcome: , Chelles. We're glad to have you here! :)

I'm so sorry for all the difficulties you've had. I hope we can be of support to you, and thanks for sharing with us.


Welcome chelles

Just keep your strength up. Anytime you need to chat, everyone in here is always willing to give you some help.

It's good that you are seeing a therapist.

Cool you have a daughter. How old is she? My daughter is the light of my life. 4 boys and one wonderful girl. Soon to make me a grandmom. :D My boys are wonderful as well. They were always my reason for going on and for being strong in things that have come my way.

I'm really glad that you decided to join us.

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