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Hi my name is Heather.

I am 23 and I live in Australia.

I don't quite know what to put in my intro but here goes…

I am a university student studying early childhood, and I have also done social work – welfare, and some child psychology.

I am from a family with a history of child abuse. I also seem to be cursed as I never know what is going to happen next! I just had a friend commit suicide for example. I am a pretty social person most of the time however I do lack self esteem and stuff like that! Well there is so much more than that but I think that will do for now, I mean until I feel comfortable!

I guess that I might get to know you all at some point on here.



Just wanted to say thanks, I have been really unwell and busy (a bad combination, LOL), since joining so haven't been here much.

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