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I've only just recently come across this site it's really interesting and informative.

I have been in therapy for 2 years now and i'm slowly progressing.One of the reasons I'm pleased to have found this site is so that in between sessions I can have somewhere to go to and ask questions or get support if necessary.

I have had quite a tough childhood.My father was an alcoholic who was very violently abusive which meant we all grew up pretty messed up. My dad passed away over 10 yrs ago now but the impact out upbringing has had on me and all my famiy has been profound.I am determined to break this cycle and enjoy my life (fingers crossed).

My therapist recently said that I had type 1 PTSD /Type 1 impasse does anybody know what this means?

Anyway it's great i've found this site.

Bye for now.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Type 1 trauma reactions are associated with a discrete, relatively recent event.

Type 2 trauma reactions are characterized by repeated or extended trauma over the lifespan, and typically are experienced by persons with a history of abuse in destructive families.

I don't know about a "Type 1 impasse" -- I associate that term with resistance to therapy or a block of some kind. I'd suggest you ask the therapist what s/he meant...
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