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Hey :dimples:

Im new - so please be gentle! Ive been needing to talk to/discuss some things with someone for a while now.

Seeing as Im having a good day today i thought id try and make something of it - so here goes *holds breath*

I really dont know where to begin. Im not actually sure what/why im posting!

I was talking to a very close friend about weight/eating, and kind of realised that ive lost control of it. Ive never been one to eat a lot. I was force-fed quite a bit as a kid, and recently i just cant stand the thought of food. I weigh myself once in the morning, once when i get home, and once again before i go to bed. I've managed to get down to {{Edit: deletion of specific weight number}} at the moment, and im about 5ft 4. My parents think i eat, but i just wash up a plate/bowl to make it look like i have.

The only thing that really takes my mind off it is my horse, who has been an absolute life saver. You know the whole 'animals are healers' vibe.
But that also means i can do a lot of excersize without people really noticing, which helps with the weightloss.

The topic only really came up (with said friend ^^^) because i effectively starved myself for 3 days and had some kind of sugar crash and passed out, and she found me. I love her to pieces for everything she has done for me, and even the way she handled everything just made me feel safe.

I dont even know why im posting this, sorry guys = /

I guess im just interested to see what you all think. Please be gentle??

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First of all Skittish, welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

I am glad that you decided to post and I am pretty sure that you will find the support and encouragement that you need here.

As for your issue about not being able to stand food, I not sure from your post whether it is the fear of gaining weight that makes you fear food or whether it is actually the food itself. I know you said that you weigh yourself quite frequently so my guess would be that it is a fear of gaining weight and if so then do you think that you could approach your parents about this problem that you are having? Another question to ask yourself is do you even want to get help for this problem?

My concern would be if you are starving yourself for 3 days and passing out then it is definitely a serious problem that needs to be addressed and sooner rather than later. I would seriously consider talking to someone whether it be your parents, a school counsellor (if you are in school) or your doctor.

Take care
:welcome: skittish :) nice to meet you. i am very glad that you posted here as this is a great forum where you will find a lot of support. i hope that you'll consider talking to someone who can help you as this is something that threatens your health and could get dangerous if not treated. getting help sooner rather than later is preferable because it will only get harder to recover the longer you leave this untreated. i know it's probably quite scary to think about and taking steps to help yourself isn't always easy. however, you can find support here if and when you decide to do something about this. you've made the first step and that is to write about your thoughts here, that is a great first step! :goodjob: looking forward to hearing more from you and what your thoughts are on our feedback so far.
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