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hey !

well i am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to diminish an obsession how to stop i don't think is really possible at the moment but just to try to not look like a freak would be great ! the thing is i wash my hands 7 times i brush my teeth 7 times basically i do everything 7 times and i don't mind some of the obsession but others become slightly intrusive . such as needing to wake up in the morning earlier to wash my hands an if i feel they are not clean enough after 7 times i wash them again 7 times and they are getting very red and scaley not so very attractive . and hard to explain .. at my college well i just look like a clean freak and well i wash my hands constantly when i touch a door handle by accent when i touch my desk .. and well i just need to find a way to calm down



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Re: to calm down

Unfortunately I don't have suggestions Ashley but wanted to let you know that I have had a few obsessions myself - therefore I am one that understands. I don't remember if you have a therapist or not - but if you do, you may want to ask them. Maybe someone else on here may have a few ideas.

What I can offer you is this :heart::hug:

Daniel E.
Regarding hand washing and other compulsive behaviors and dealing with obsessive thoughts, the most popular advice is by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz:

OCD-UK: The Four Steps - Brain Lock

Your local library may have a copy of his book Brain Lock, which is the best self-help book for obsessive compulsive behavior.

Some other good advice:
Anxiety Reducing Techniques - Psychlinks Psychology and Self-Help Forum

Also, keep in mind that chronic stress and anxiety can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and -- ironically -- temporarily decrease your immunity, so that fact may provide at least a little more motivation to relax (watch a comedy, do yoga, exercise, take a hot bath, etc.). This also brings up another point: part of the problem is that you are worrying about the wrong thing. You should be less concerned about getting a cold or flu and more concerned about enjoying life more.
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