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this will probably seem silly... it feels a bit silly but it also feels ver real.
I'm feeling very rattled.. shaky even.. and it's now hours ago that my family and I went to the cinema. But i can't seem to get away from this feeling of wanting to cry. Going to the cinema was nerve racking but i went anyway.. part of me didn't want to go as i knew there would be lots of ppl there. anyway.. inside.. film started, really really loud, i'd forgotten how loud it is.. very aware of so many ppl.. all looking for seats ect. film started and i eventually managed to concentrate on it.. even had a good laugh at parts of it. then it ended, i decided to wait till most of the ppl had left before making amove to leave, while waiting daughter comes down behind me, she went to say something.. i jumped.. i got such a fright.. I nearly cried there and then. I managed to feign being okay and we got outside.. on the way out tho there were still crowds of ppl milling about and some touched off me, (as ppl do when they pass).

Now i'm like really rattled inside and want to cry. my head is all over the place. this is why i avoid groups of ppl and places where lots of ppl are. but just for once i thought it may not happen, but it did. and i still can feel those ppl who passed me.. the sensation hasn't worn off .

hopefully this will be gone by morning.
Re: feel like crying

I'm sorry. :(

That sounds really stressful. I do hope this feeling will pass by morning or sooner.


just mary

Re: feel like crying

I'm sorry to hear this also. But your home now and you're safe. Can you do anything to get rid of these feelings, would a long, hot shower help or a cup of tea? I truly hope you feel better by morning too, and I think you will.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you.

Take care, :hug:

Fog, its not silly at all, alot of what you said is how i feel when i have to go out alone i dislike people getting to close and coming into contact with me, your very brave to go to the cinema because thats something I know I couldnt do, I hope the feelings have worn off by the time you read this,, your in my thoughts :hug:
a little late maybe, why don't you just let yourself cry? i think it would give you some relief. i'm sorry this has shaken you up so much. :hug:


Your feelings don't sound silly to me, Fog. I don't like big, jostling crowds of people, either. I make every effort to avoid them.

If you find yourself feeling like this again, just go ahead and cry it out. There's nothing wrong with it. :hug:


thanks ppl.. this morning I did feel some bit okay. But i'm as tired as can be, all day. I suppose not sleeping well last night didn't help. But I'm sure this will pass off in a day or two.. as long as i stay away from ppl and enclosed places for another while.

thanks for all the msgs above. they mean a lot!! :)
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