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ive tried everything. i went for medications,therapy, everything. im bulemic, and i heavily bled 2 times in 7 years. i hallucinate a lot, and i have a slight case of insomnia. i have various kinds of mood swings, n im agressive. im sensitive and always a pessimist on the inside. im a liar, and i can never speak the truth. im afraid of people and life. ive attempted suicide 8 times. never worked. im in hell. im hurting. please help

no. i didnt choose to be in this state. im forced to be like this.

David Baxter PhD

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Dm, are you currently in contact with a doctor or therapist? Are you currently on any medications? Have you been given a diagnosis in the past?

There are different kinds of therapy and many different kinds of medication. I understand that it's frustrating to try things that don't seem to work for you but honestly it's not very likely that you have truly "tried everything".


I am so sorry you are hurting! Please listen to Dr B, and contact your Dr and therapist. There is help out there for you and I pray you find it. (((Hugs)))
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