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Any poems or music that people really relate to and find comforting?
At the minute I'm getting a lot of inspiration and help from reading 'the invitation' by oriah mountain dreamer. I've also found Mary Olivers poems 'the journey' and 'wild geese' soothing to the screaming sadness of it all.

Daniel E.
Music by Seal, who has been called the UK's most soulful pop artist. His most deliberately inspiring song may be "Bring it On."
Hi Redstar,
I love "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, and I have a book called "Wisdom from the East" which has little meditations and reflections in, find them very helpful. As for music there are loads for me, to long to list here, at the moment I love "Run" by Snow Patrol, "Cygnet committee"," Kooks", "Fill your heart", by Bowie and I listen to Pulp alot aswell, as I can totally relate to their lyrics.
Recently I purchased a CD of harp music. It is soooo relaxing and soothing! I believe studies have shown how the sound of the harp is very healing. I feel good after listening to it.


John clare wrote the poem I am and while it is not particularly uplifting I can relate to it.
As far as books go I would always recommend reading Johnathon livingston seagull. It is kind of about our purpose for being here and I find it pretty comforting.
With music I find there are two types that you relate to. Either you pick out sheryl crow and shirly bassey and go for the I will survive route or (more often than not I find) you go for the wallowing stuff. I particularly enjoy wallowing with James blunt at the moment but have my REM and Counting crows moments too.
For something in the middle that I would imagine everyone could relate to I would recommend Don Mclaen Crossroads. Fantastic piece of music with words that you can feel to your core.
one song that comes to mind is one i can really relate to. Its amazing how some songs can explain exactly how you feel emotionally.

Mad World - by Gary Jules
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