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I just found this forum through a google search. I'm so thrilled to see such a wonderful Canadian site!

I still have to read through many of the forums. I am just finishing a psychology degree. My previous education was in Early Childhood Education and working with individuals with developmental disorders.

I have a son who developed schizophrenia at 17 and is now 25. He has refractory schizophrenia and was at one time involved in the criminal justice system under NCR (not criminally responsible) status.

I have a very strong interest in supporting families of those with schizophrenia. I will make my posting home under the schizophrenia forum but may venture into other areas.


David Baxter PhD

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I'm very pleased you were able to find us, Judy... looking forward to hearing about your views on psychology and "mental illness" and your experiences in living with schizophrenia.
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