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Hello people who are reading this. Well as you can tell im knew and i was looking for something like this because i feel that i need advice about my current state. Im 16 years old and since i was 12 i havent been me. Before i have been able to pull myself out of a state when i've felt bad and theyve only lasted for a few weeks but i've been in one for two months and i havent been getting better. I thought that maybe if i described how i feel people could advise me on whether i should seek some kind of medical help.
When i feel like this i usually just sit up in my room and listen to music that just makes me feel worse. I just feel generally unhappy about myself and the way i look all the time but sometimes it can feel worse. And maybe if something in the day has really pissed me off or upset me it makes things worse still. I always constantly feel tired because some nights i can hardly sleep because i just dont have the power to sleep even though im knackered. I go through periods of trying not to eat because i feel fat and it never works and i just end up feeling terrible and shattered. When this first started when i was 12 i turned to cigarettes because i found other people smoked to make themselves feel less stressed so i started to see if that would help but it didnt and now i've turned to drugs and alcohol. Although i dont drink anymore because it just makes me ill which is why i smoke cannabis. I thought it would fill up this emptiness i felt but i only feel happy when i've had a hit and im on a high. Also i've gone through periods of cutting for three years and i have scars all over my arms and legs. No one from my family has ever said anything but i dont think i could say anything to them about it because i feel that i cant tell them anything. Whenever im with any of my friends and i feel like this i just dont talk to them or i pretend im hyper and im always hyper infront of my parents even when i feel bad. Sometimes with my friends i take things out on them which isnt good. I just wondered whether any of this could be me being depressed or just a typical teenager but somewhere i just dont feel right or whole. I just ... dont feel like me.

Please give me advice. Thank you xxx


Sweetie, typical teenagers don't cut themselves or have trouble sleeping at night. From what you've said, it sure sounds like you need to get some professional help to deal with all these feelings.

You say you can't talk to your family. Perhaps your school could help you with a counsellor. You really do need to talk to somebody about what's going on with you. Nobody can help you until you open up and ask for help.

Hugs, hon. It really stinks to feel the way you do.


hello nicky,im new to this as well,you need to speak to someone,maybe not to someone you know,so they dont know you and you wont have to put on a act,you can be yourself.It seems like your hiding from something like your masking your fears,something i do alot of the time,pretend im happy when inside im dying sometimes.You say it started when you were about 12 did anything significant happen in your life at that time.Dont take drugs your only young,they will only make you feel worse,theyre only a quick fix the problem will still be there.



Hey. Thanks for people that have replied. I havent been able to reply because i havent had the internet. Thats why im confused as to how im feeling because there isnt anything bad happening in my life. Nothing bad has ever happened and i dont know why i feel like this. I dont think its because of anything bad happening to me i just think that its something has happened in my head so i dont really know what to do... I dont think anyone can help me now.
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