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in drama, my teacher all of a sudden suggested that we do something called 'play back theatre.' (no, im not majoring in this, i'm still in high schl). What we do is a 'moderator', the teacher will sit on a chair/couch and one by one each student will go up and tell a story.(The teacher will ask: can you please share your story with us?)(it can be true or made up). The rest of the class truly 'listen' to the story taking in every element, be it abstract or literal. After the story is told, the 'storyteller' will assign one of the class members to act out the 'central figure'(if its a personal story, the central figure would be the storyteller, and the 'actor' would try to portray this person). Afterwards, the central figure will attempt to act out the entire story, scene by scene. The other class members will act out either
A) other people present in any/each scene
B) soundscape, that is, standing behind the figure and verbally making out what sound or words that person might be thinking in his/her head. (Ex: if you are baking cookies and your son calls you, you might think: "Oh no, should i go see him, or should i let my cookies burn?" one of the 'other' members would say this out loud)
After the whole story is acted out, we would re-ask the storyteller how it went and how he/she felt about that particular situation after re-watching it like a flashback.

my teacher said, while its a good drama excersise, its truly used as some kind of therapy(she doesn't know too much about this part either though).
so I'm just wondering, is there such a therapy?


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Sort of... not quite. It sounds a bit like role-playing where you ask individuals to act out a scene about something that is upsetting... often, the person is asked to then reverse roles, e.g., play the part of the other person in the scene... then you might ask the client to do the scene again but instead of how it actually went act it out the way s/he wishes it had gone. There are a few variations on this but it's usually focused on something that has actually happened in the person's life.
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