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As far as the body image issues...I would trade with ANYONE in the world!! For, everyone else has at least "something" they can focus on which is an effort to imrpove the ideals of everyone could be me........

1. Thin, emaciated body....wrists like toothpicks, arms like amount of training, supplements, diets, protein drinks, consultations with dieticians, etc...can/has/will or ever improve on it...I was just cursed with poor genetics.......

2. Hair which is waving goodbye......which again, has no solution....

3. Skin....esp. on the face...scarred and acne remnants.....

Every day is a struggle and has been all of my life... all that keeps me going is this life can't last forever.... thankfully... unlike my Father and Mother... I am not passing along poor genetics to some unexpecting, undeserving child... (I am almost 40) and have kept that promise I made to myself when I was a child...

What makes matters worse is the negative reinforcement I receive... almost daily... it is tough being the person who makes everyone else feel better about their own perceived defects... but I am that person. I have even considered amputations... for "fake limbs" look better than the way mother nature short changed me...


Im Sorry You Feel Like This..i Can Absolutly Relate To Being Thin And Trying To Gain Weight Or Bulk Up. I Have Always Been Thin. I Do When I Can Drink Boost And When I Was Able To Exerc Properly Things Like Lifting Weights, Biking And Kickboxing (which I Used A Home Video) Did Help Me Gain Muscle Everywhere Which Obv Allowed Me To Gain Some Weight..and It Made Me Feel Good In All Ways. Have You Tried Weights Etc? So I Can Understand About That. I As Im Sure Others Have Things Physicaly We All Would Love To Change Yet Geneticalywe What I Am Also Doing/trying Is To Say Ok So I Dont Like A,b,c,d About Me Physicaly But Hey I Do Have A Nice Bum, My Eyes Are Nice, Yet More Imp I Am A Good Friend, I Am Loving, I Am Creative, Etc. That Even Though You Cant Physicaly See The Latter They Far Outweigh The Few Things One Can See And In The End They Count More Then My Tiny Frame. I Can Give To Others And Me The Latter..which In Return Makes Me Richer.


For, everyone else has at least "something" they can focus on which is an effort to imrpove the ideals of everyone could be me........

First, I am assuming that are talking about physical appearences when you say this, and I wanted to say that I don't really think that it is good for anyone to focus on a single aspect of their appearence. It's not healthy or productive. What happens when that one physical quality that they are focusing on is no longer there? Then that person would be shattered. I think that we all need to look at ourselves as a 'whole package'.

The truth is that everyone has many things that they don't like about their appearance but luckily for all of us, that's not even close to all there is to us as people.

you could be me
and that would not be a bad have a lot of good qualities. You have a totally awesome sense of humor. When you said that you had
Hair which is waving goodbye
that was such a great line! It really made me laugh and want to be bald too! You are already turning these (perceived) weaknesses into positive aspects of your personality.
it is tough being the person who makes everyone else feel better about their own perceived defects... but I am that person
You are probably making people feel better about their own perceived defects, but not the way that you think. It's not because they are comparing themselves to you. It's because when you joke about yourself, you make other people feel at ease with themselves. People find comfort in knowing that there are other people have similar thoughts and struggles with these issues. I think when someone else is upfront and talks about it, it helps everyone.

Plus, if it makes you feel any better, I really think that males care way more about appearances then females. Females, or at least from my experience with myself and my friends are much more attracted to personality, which you have tons of! I think that most women would take a ugly guy with a great sense of humor over a really good looking dull guy any day.

Looks come and go but your personality is yours for this reason, I believe that a good personality, character, and sense of humor is a much better thing to have than good looks.

And just another note on that, is that I have never once been attracted so a guy based on looks. For me the appeal has always been sense of humor. If a cute guy walked by I probably wouldn't even notice, but if a guy walked by and told a funny joke, THAT I would notice.


I have to agree with Toeless a 100%. I really read the positive into what you wrote. The focus is of course your self, the complete package. Everyone has to deal with things about them thay can accept, from interior to exterior. The importance of it all is how to you feel about your true self. How to accept and work with what you like about yourself.

Being thin is as hard I thing of being obese. Either side you can work on it. Being thin you have to eat much more to keep the same weight and to gain you have to add healthy choices. Like JKB, take ensure at least 2times a day with a healthy snack. If you like you can get to the gym or do weights at home but low rep. and higher weight. Void cardio. You can succeed with anything you put your mind to it.

Focus on the positive within yourself and don't be affraid!
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