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I noticed on the "ADD forums" that a lot of ADDers have problems with keeping jobs a long time! I am curious, I have OCD and are there others who have a tremendous time trying to stay at a job a long time? I make it to about 6 months and then somenthing happens, I usually get fired or quit to keep from being fired.

Also, before I took a high dose Paxil, I had a continuous stream of self-critical thinking that would zoom in my brain about 85 MPH. I would have one put me down thought right after another that I would act on and REALLY end up acting odd.

Are there a lot out there with the same problem?

Thank goodness for PAXIL 75 MG CR. I feel like I "escaped" this pit to some degree of self-criticism. I still deal with this but I just tell myself this are just "brain hiccups" misprocessing information.

I invite input!
Yeah, I've worked at quite a few places in my life. Luckily, I have stayed put for 3 years now (a personal record). I worked for a long time as a temp. Unfortunately, I had to swallow the bitter pill that I will never work my dream job, because they don't like to hire people with anxiety disorders, so I will have to gete by doing stuff that merely puts food on the table, pays the bills, but does not stimulate me much.
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