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good thing that it has the bullet and table tags now, b/f it was so bothersome to do those!!!
ok, I totally take that back!!!! not only are the lists on my previous posts disabled so now it's just *'s instead of bullets and I have to go through them and fix them, but the 'new and improved' way of using bullets is much much longer!!!!!!!!? :-o not cool.


David Baxter said:
I blame momof5...

I may disable some of the bells and whistles like that moving text. It's funs as a novelty but it occurs to me that it might be hard on people with visual issues, seizure disorders, or even vulnerability to certain conditions like visual hallucinations.

Or maybe I'm worrying too much...

Ok, we promise to be good just in case it would bother someone, just don't take away our fun! (stomps feet)


healthbound said:
  • DO these bullets work?
    strange that I'm wanting to make
    a few bullets and I'm not able to
See where it has the
 [*] place text in between here
Insert your text in between the two things. I placed a space so that you can see how they look seperated.


:hello:? ? ?:happy1:? No hand clapping ones so a wave and a tin of pop corn! Celebrate! Congrats!

Heading to bed, sweet dreams to everyone!
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