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From time to time, members may want to post a photograph or a chart in these forums.

For security reasons, I have not installed a file upload service here. Therefore, you need to have the picture on the internet somewhere. After that you simply supply the URL to the pic, highlight that URL (link) in your post, and then click on Img.

This sets up the link as follows:

[img ][url][/img[/url] ]
(extra spaces added so you can see the actual code)

If you can't place the image on your own site, you can upload it to one of the free services like ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs and then use the link supplied by that service in your post.

Please note that in general you should not use this method to link to photos on someone else's website (other than a service intended for that purpose such as ImageShack). Instead, simply post a link to the page that contains the image.
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