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I just started taking the generic for Lexapro last week and have noticed for the last couple days I've been having really sore muscles in my back and neck at first and now it has moved down to my shoulder and arm.. I'm hypothyroid and my two biggest symptoms have always been extreme fatigue and muscle soreness anyway.

I was wondering if this was a common symptom amongst those taking this particular medication? if not, maybe it's just my thyroid issue exacerbating it. Just wanted to ask and see if this was typical.

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Neck and shoulder pain can occur when starting Lexapro, although it's not a common side effect. Talk to your doctor if it doesn't get better over the next few days.
Thank you. Maybe since I'm kinda prone to that anyway then it's just making it a bit worse. I'm still feeling it today but it doesn't seem to be any worse maybe it will eventually calm down. I hope so because after a few days of taking it, the real extreme panic attacks started improving so I want to stick with it.
Just to be careful hun do mention it to your doctor ok

I definitely will if it doesn't improve. It seems like it might be starting to settle down. I can be pretty sensitive to medication so maybe it's just my body adjusting. I hope so because I'm feeling better in my head with the Lexapro. I was even able to get out and go get a few things done today. So I really want to stay with it.
That is so good hun the medication is working well for you and you can still stay on it even if stiffness remains the doctor will just give you an add on to counteract the rigidity
I do hope the it continues to settle down though like you have stated .
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