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I'm a 16 year old girl, and i've always had my share of good friends.
But the past 2 all just got confusing:(.
My best friend whom i have known for about 13 years...we just dont get along anymore:(, which kind of saddens me.
But i just can't get along with her anymore, to me it's like she got left behind in her way of thinking and acting. I'm not saying that im very mature..but i am more mature than her.... she's very insecure about herself.....she often laughs at people and she laughs loudly when people give her a compliment and she acts like a silly little girl and i dont like all those things. I can't have a good conversation with her. I can't talk about things like teen pregnancy or sex or just you know..regular stuff... cuz she never knows what her opinion is on those things. I feel like our friendship is fading away but i don't want that to happen...but i really cant get along with her anymore..*confused*...


These are the normal changes we encounter as we grow older, Krysa. Some people grow together; others grow apart. The good thing about it is - there's always a new experience ahead, and new people to meet and befriend. Life changes. The past is replaced by the present as preparations are put in place for the future.
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