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Just wanted to let everybody know that I made it through the first week back to work. I feel like I ran 12 marathons! but I am glad that I made it without breaking down. I was careful to go back to the hotel by 5:30 every day and to get as much sleep as possible in a strange place. Work was hard, but I was glad in a lot of ways to be back. I am home now and I just wanted to check in. Take care, everyone.



Congrats TG for making it should be really proud of yourself as I know I am of you :clap:

Take care this weekend and get lots of rest :zzz:
:hug: :hug:
Hi everybody!

I have been sleeping a lot of the day. And yes, I did treat myself to some ice cream and a football game this evening. I am indeed pretty tired so am going to bed early. Thanks everyone for your warm wishes.

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