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Melt your anxiety in 30 seconds

by Sandy Woznicki, Stress and Anxiety Coach
August 17, 2022

In this video, I walk you through a simple technique to melt your anxiety in 30 seconds.

First, I share a story about a client who has suffered from anxiety for years. One anxiety trigger of hers is heavy traffic. She used this practice in a traffic jam and instantly felt better.

I’d just taught her this technique a few days prior.

She said…

“I have a lot of anxiety about traffic. We went on a trip last weekend and traffic was terrible.

My body responded the way it always does: Inflammation, throbbing pain and numbness from the elbows down, chest tightens and breathing shallows.

I couldn’t run from it or bury it; I had to face it. I [did the practice]. Then I started to cry. I could feel my body ‘processing’.

The anxiety faded as the tears fell down my face.

I feel like I can guide myself to recognize my feelings as my choice again and been able to focus more on the good shit.”

Wow, right?!?!

A simple technique to melt your anxiety in 30 seconds​

Try out this practice to melt your anxiety!​

A few other ways you can practice this technique:
  • One hand on your chest, one hand on your solar plexus.
    This connects your inner strength to your heart.
  • One hand on your heart, one hand on your head.
    This is especially helpful if you have a very busy mind.
  • Two hands on your heart.
    This will help you bring more of your compassion inward.
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