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Microsoft will force-upgrade Windows 10 v1803 systems
by Ashish Mohta,
May 25, 2019

Since we now have feature updates [rather] than a new version of Windows, every feature update has its end of service. When Microsoft announced Windows 10 v1903, they also announced that v1803 aka April 2018 Update would reach the end of service. The exact date is November 12, 2019, for Home and Pro editions. Microsoft will force-upgrade Windows 10 v1803 systems and any version earlier to it.

When life-cycle ends, Microsoft will force-upgrade Windows 10 systems
The force upgrade process will begin in June 2019. The update process will automatically initiate a feature update. It will make sure those devices get the needed security and updates which are critical to the device’s health as well.

Interesting to note, that the force update is a machine learning (ML)-based rollout process. It is starting several months in advance of the end of service date to provide adequate time for a smooth update process.

The message is clear. Microsoft doesn’t want people to hang to an old update as they did with Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you don’t want to update, make sure the computer is not connected to the internet at all.

Starting with Windows 10 v1903, there is no force update for Windows. When a feature update becomes available, the end user is notified. The consumer can choose to apply the update or leave it as is. However, when the life cycle ends, the Update will be forced. The update cycle is usually serviced for 18 months from the release date.

Lastly, if you are wondering to which version you will be upgraded to? It’s likely that you will be upgraded to v1903. I don’t think Microsoft is going to baby push you every six months to update to next working Windows version.

I would say it is a great move, and it’s about time consumers using Home and Pro remain safe with the latest security updates.

Source: Microsoft.


Re: Microsoft tol force-upgrade Windows 10 v1803 systems starting in June 2019

I would say it is a great move, and it’s about time consumers using Home and Pro remain safe with the latest security updates.

I disagree with the author on that comment.
Security updates and feature updates are 2 different things.
Feature updates, and especially semi annual upgrades, bring more security holes and bugs than they actually fix.
Security updates are pushed automatically every month and for severe security pathes the cycle is interupted to push a patch. And usually these security patches are to fix the security holes and bugs introduced by new feauture updates and especially the ones introduced in their semi-annual rollouts.

The only real positve after the 1803 and 1809 fiascos and the onslaught of anger and pressure resulting from them, is that they will finally notify in 1903 that it's available and let you decide (to a certain point) when you want to install it.

I've been passionately involved with computers for 35 years now. From using, programming, servicing, assembling and selling my own branded line of custom PC's as a certified MS OEM builder along with other MS reseller and Developper Programs. The last 33 years have involved MS operatig systems as my primary OS. From MS-DOS through every version off Windows from 3.1 with the only exclusions being Millenium as I was on Windows 2000 professional and Windows 8 because it simply wasn't a professional desktop OS. Windows 10 semi-annual updates though have been killing off all the passion I had with every new cycle release.

I think the tipping point will probably be when MS account sign is is no longer a harassed option but a forced reality and at that point all data will no longer be semi-private but everything logged and stashed in the cloud. Data, advertising and subscription based services are the new realty of the tech industry. I see no interest in my computing activities happenig outside of my PC.

If I have nothing to hide and my curtains are open that doesn't mean people can stand at my window and watch and if the door is unlocked doesn't mean anyone is allowed to waltz on in without knocking and being admitted with permission. Same goes for my computers.

End of rant

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Well feature updates can also directly and indirectly plug potential security holes.

But the main point of the article is that feature releases are like what used to be new versions of Windows and that there is an end of life date for older versions of Windows 10 just as there is for older versions of Windows. For various reasons, primarily for corporate and government customers who have a large number of computers to upgrade and often specific custom applications that might be adversely affected, Microsoft has always been generous about continuing to support older versions with at least security updates but even there no one expects them to support Windows 3, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Vista forever.


Yes but the LTS cycle is getting shorter and shorter even for the enterprise editions. And previous new version releases were on a 3 year cycle not every 6 months. They would spend 3 years and longer pacthing issues and security holes rather tha introducing more.

Linux distros may have a 6 month release cycle but that's not for LTS releases that enterprises or secure webservers rely on.
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