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    Marsha Linehan, posted by Daniel
Jun 11, 2006
Women like dominant men basiclly, and height is considered dominant, women like to feel submissive.
that is absolute bs, oscar. that is a myth and is a dangerous attitude that hurts women. we do not like to feel submissive. we do not like to have to fight harder to get the same respect as men - this is a reality.

this kind of thinking leads to male teens and men thinking they are entitled to dominate women, entitled to have power over them, and subsequently, the idea that if a girl or woman says no, it doesn't mean no. (yes i am talking about sexual assault and molestation).

A women taller then a man, uh huh, that's almost never gonna happen. It isn't right.
again, not true. women do tend to seek out men somewhat taller than themselves, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a deal breaker if a man isn't taller. there are so many more factors that attract women to men and vice versa. a similar sense of humour, a positive outlook, caring, respectfulness all are part of the package. when a person has those qualities, s/he becomes more attractive. when they don't, the physical appearance seems to become less attractive than at first glance.

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