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hi all my names caz, im 27 and live in southern england, dunno where everyone else lives.

any way am on here for support for my mental health problems which have got considerably worse in recent years, i used to b happy go lucky confident and these days i seem to b paranoid of everyone.


Re: my introduction

Hi Caz and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

I am glad that you decided to join us and I hope to see you around :wave:


Re: my introduction

I'm in the US. I think there are a few of us North American's on here, not many. So, I'm sort of in the minority, geographically speaking.

I found this site a few years ago and have come to it off and on, for different reasons. I don't always blog. But this holiday season has been especially hard, and I've come back--most likely for a while. I need the support, as I don't have a good support system here.

Anyway, good luck to you. I think you will find the community here is thoughtful and tries to be as helpful as possible.

David Baxter PhD

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Welcome to Psychlinks, caz! :)

There are actually quite a few members in the US and Canada and a fair number from the UK. We also have several from Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and various other countries in smaller numbers.


Hello Caz!

Welcome to Psychlinks. Feel free to join in any of the discussions or start some of your own.

Season's Greetings!
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