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My husband has been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for many, many years with the last 5 being absolutely crippling. He just completed a course of CBT therapy for approx. 8 months - and this is now over (Therapist only does short term therapy). Unfortunately it had very little effect. We suspect that he was not "stable" enough for this therapy to work because he responds so little to meds. NOTE: he is currently on max. dose of Effexor and Zyprexa (and Clonazipam to sleep). He will soon be switching his meds. (we are awaiting consultation report from Psychiatrist). I understand that the best treatment in through a combination of meds. and therapy - but find it very hard to find "good" therapy.

Does anyone have a recommended type of therapy that works best for these conditions (e.g. CBT, interpersonal theraphy) or a method for determining what type of therapy a person might gain the most benefits from (based on their condition or their personality type)?

I'm really trying to find an appropriate type/Dr. for his next round of therapy because he is just about at the point of giving up on therapy and is almost unwilling to "tell his story" to one more person. This is why I don't want to just pick someone out of the "yellow pages" and would much prefer a recommendation (of type of therapy or for a specific Toronto area therapist).

He seems to have done best with male therapists who are very direct and to the point and action oriented (i.e. not too touchy-feely and not mentioning anything like "inner child", etc.).

Does anyone have any suggestions - e.g. type of therapy or an actual name of a therapist in the Toronto area? I would also like to consider Group Therapy (maybe to compliment individual therapy) as he's never tried this and I think he would benefit by having more social interactions as he currently doesn't leave the house. Any good "groups" (moderated or self-help) that anyone can recommend?

Sorry for such a long post - but I'm desparate to find someone/something he will connect with before he altogether writes therapy off.


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Need a really good Therapist (Toronto area) - any recommend

She's not male but she's an excellent therapist -- offices in Toronto and Mississuaga:

Anne Bourke
(905) 785-6383
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