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I've added a new feature at Psychlinks: If you have a blog, you can now list the title (as a live link) to your latest blog post, which will appear on all posts next to your name (see mine above).

To activate this feature, go to your User CP and select Edit Profile.

Scroll down until you see

Blog RSS Feed
Please specify the full URL of the RSS feed of your blog. By filling in this field a link to your latest blog entry will be displayed in all of your posts.

Add the full link (URL) to the RSS feed for your site. For example, mine (Wordpress) reads:


For Blogger/Blogspot users, you may have to add


to the end of the link to your blog.

Click on "Save" to save the changes.


  1. It may be a little while before the new information appears, since currently the blog feeds are being updated only once per hour.
  2. Please ensure that the title and contents of your blog are in keeping with the general Psychlinks Forum Rules. Violations will be sanctioned as any other forum rule violation.
Im giving up with the blogging idea, set up one with blogspot, did everything right but today I cannot log onto it, tryed to changed password etc says account doesnt exist, even though it does and has been activated, have just been searching the net and alot of people are having troubles with google/blogspot and trying to get help from the site is impossible:mad: Maybe I can find another site:)


I found the same thing with BlogSpot, TTE. It was just too hard to navigate. I used it for my Kitten blog because you could post images on the free account.

I have only used one other which is the one I use now and is from BlogCity.

I also pay to use the premium blog so I have image space which is important for me. I use a free blog city account for my template of the Forensic Psychiatry and Mental Illness in Canada site for families.

I use the blog for my own personal library of interest. I don't know if you can find blog space that is private and not public. If anyone knows of free blog space that can be private please let me know.




I think that it is cool that you have decided to start blogging :) Now I can keep tabs on how my nieces and nephews are doing from afar :yahoo:

I just wanted to say how good Wordpress is, not only easy to join but so easy to use and so much on there for the free one, and so quick when you do things I give it 10 out of 10 would recommend it for someone setting up their first blog:)
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