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Canada Gets a New Food and Toy Recall Database
27th October 2007

There?s a new Web site available for Canadians to get information on food and children?s product recall. Healthy Canadians is available at Government of Canada - Healthy Canadians.

Here you can do keyword searches and get information on product recalls back to 1995. The site is also featuring photographs of recalled children?s products ? very nice. I started with a search on game and got three results ? from June 2006, February 2006 (?Chicken Limbo?. The commercial is rolling through my head), and May 2004.

Clicking on the product name will give you additional details including why the recall, when the item was sold, number of items sold, and the ?corrective actions.? And sure enough, there are large images of the toy recalls available (I?m certain now that Chicken Limbo is going to give me nightmares.)

While there is a place to get the latest recalls for food and for toys as well as an option for e-mail alerts, I don?t see any RSS feeds available. (Grrr...) It should also be noted that this recall site is not all-inclusive ? gas and electrical appliances are not included in this database, for example, and neither are health products. You can get a list of other Canada recall sites at Government of Canada - Healthy Canadians.
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