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The built-in vBulletin search functions can be frustrating at times when you're trying to find a specific article or post or thread on the forum (actually, vBulletin is no worse in this respect than other forum software - they are all lacking, in my experience).

Google is better at finding stuff on the net. That's their main job. Thus, I've added a new feature to allow you to search the forums using Google.

From the top navigation bar on any forum page, click the little down arrow next to Search and you'll now see an option for Search Site/Google. Enter your search term there as you would for any Google search. By default, it will search for results from just the Psychlinks Forum. If you prefer, click the Google box to have it search all of the pages in Google's index.

The one limitation of this is that, of course, Google can't find something it hasn't yet indexed. Therefore, it may not find some of the newer threads or posts, although typically those are easier to locate anyway because they will appear nearer the top of the latest threads lists.
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