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People always told me I just can`t stop thinking
that my brain never stops
to the point that in the middle of a conversation sometimes I just start thinking about something else and stop listening.

Recently, My wife and dad are maing fun of me because I just can`t stop counting. not counting in the sense of counting parkmeter all over again but rather calculating. Budgetting the same thing over and over again.

dunno why but numbers give me a sense of security. I can`t help it to know how many steps there are in a particular staircase, how much time it takes to drive from a to b in different scenarios, how many screws it`ll take to complete my balcony.

The more I talk about it to people around me the more the aknowledge the fact that I`m always doing it.

It now scares me. Is this really OCD? it seems to go away If i keep myself busy (read more busy than average people).

Are there any exercices I could do so it`s not so apparent to people around me?



If it quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. If you think it's OCD it probably is. There's no cure for OCD but with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with a SSRI [selective serotonin reuptake inhibator] like prozac, zoloft or paxil you can learn to lead a fairly normal life. I recommend you read "BrainLock" by Jeffrey M. Schwartz or "Stop Obsessing" by Edith Foad for more information.
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