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My forms are all completed & about to be sent in. (Finally, after some delays by my family doctor).

However, I recall hearing something along the lines of: in order to be eligible for ODSP, I had to be enrolled in school or classes of some sort. Is this indeed true? If so, could my application end up being denied for the sole reason I'm not enrolled at a college/university/online classes? Or perhaps "accepted" with the condition that I must enroll somewhere prior to receiving the income support?

David Baxter PhD

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No, that is not true. Or not necessarily true. Lots of people on ODSP are neither going to school nor working.

But it's possible that it might depend on the recommendations and described "limitations" submitted by your doctor.

Have you discussed this with your doctor at all? That is, have you discussed whether s/he believes that being employed or going to school is advisable for you right now, or within your capabilities right now? Ultimately, that is, I think, the key variable,
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