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Hi, I was wondering what anyone thought of/knew about online pharmacies. I found one that looks really good, appears to be legal, says it has doctors that review your questionairre and have real pharmacists dispensing the medication. I also called the customer service number and it appeared to be legitimate. The only catch is that the medicine is expensive. Now I'm thinking very seriously about going that direction and was wondering about any input anyone else might have.


David Baxter PhD

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I have no experience with them whatsoever, toeless. I admit to being somewhat cynical about them because I don't know what safeguards are really in place (whatever they may say on the website) and because the consequences of receiving and taking the wrong medication or the wrong dose could be disastrous - that's whay we pay dispensing fees to phramacists: to ensure that those sorts of mistakes don't happen.

Here in Canada, pharmacists are a regulated profession. I don't know if online pharmacies are even legal up here yet but I do know that they probably do not have the safeguards in place yet that the real world pharmacies have.

I'd be cautious and do a lot of looking before putting my faith in them at this point. There are way too many get-rich-quick and fly-by-night website owners on the net these days.

Daniel E.
...says it has doctors that review your questionairre

These sites are horrible.? Doctors that work for these sites aren't good doctors:

Some Websites offer to prescribe medication based only on a questionnaire. Is this a safe practice? Is it legal?

Unlike the traditional relationship between a patient and the patient's health care professional, some online practitioners issue prescriptions in the absence of a physical examination or direct medical supervision. According to the American Medical Association, a health care professional who offers a prescription for a patient the practitioner has never seen before and based solely on an online questionnaire generally has not met the appropriate medical standard of care. As a result, patients may receive a drug that is inappropriate for them to use and may sacrifice the opportunity for a correct diagnosis or the identification of an underlying medical condition for which use of the prescription drug may be dangerous.

It is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to dispense prescription drugs without a valid prescription. FDA will work with the states to determine the validity of online prescriptions and to bring enforcement actions under state law, federal law, or both, as appropriate. In addition, several state boards of medicine have ruled that such practice is medical misconduct and have fined and suspended the licenses of health care practitioners who have prescribed drugs in this manner.

Its healthier and cheaper to see a real doctor and go to a real pharmacy.

In the US, a legit online pharmacy would be something like But it's usually more convenient and just as frugal to just go to the local pharmacy, especially if one has a pharmacy discount card.


I would advise being skeptical about online pharmacies.? As with many venues on the internet, appearances and claims can be made to look credible.? While living in Florida during the winter, we hear
frequent? news reports about misleading and fraudulent activities of online pharmacies.? ?

The most recent con to have been reported are online pharmacies claiming to be Canada pharmacies but are really offshore sites in countries where medication sales are poorly regulated.? People report receiving outdated and even fake drugs.

Use the advice of Daniel in saving money.? Most retail pharmacists can be approached to discuss your desire to find ways to save money when buying your medications.? ?Shopping around will yield remarkable results.

For people whose financial means prevent them from purchasing their medications, many if not most pharmaceutical companies in North America have assistance programs which can be accessed with the aid of your pharmacist or physician.


Thank you gentlemen for your helpful and prompt responses. Thanks also for the web link Daniel (I was wondering whatever happened to you??), it also contained some info I had been wondering about too. I think I found out exactly what I wanted to know (risks vs benefits analysis).


Toeless said:
(risks vs benefits analysis).

Good for you!? risks vs benefits is the basis our doctors use to make every medical decision.? Our personal health care should maximize benefits whole minimizing risks.? Nothing can be gained by raising the potential for higher risk by buying medications from an unknown entity, in an unknown location, with nothing to lose.? ?By exposing oneself to such a risk, one's exposure is great to unknown compounds of unknown origin, stored in unknown conditions and whose effectiveness cannot be qualified.


Thanks TSOW! That is so sweet of you. I very much appreciate the wealth of information that you have and that you are so willing to take the time to share it with me and everyone else here. :)


I very much appreciate the wealth of information that you have and that you are so willing to take the time to share


Thank you for your kind words, which I appreciate.? Recognition should also be given to Dr.Baxter for providing an online environment where friends can support friends.


Recognition should also be given to Dr.Baxter

Oh definitely, I couldn't agree more.? I thought/hoped that Dr. B already knew that I think the world of him.? This forum is truly amazing.? I remember when I first stumbled across it I could literally not believe how a psychologist was actually responding to people's questions, and not only was he responding, he is thorough, fast, and extremely helpful.? It's even more amazing because it's out of the goodness of his heart. I remember excitedly telling my husband "I found this site and it's totally awesome...there is a psychologist that answers any question that you have right away!!!"? Then, I was even more impressed when I realized that there were not only one, but several (or more) psychologists answering questions.? I could go on and on but I will just say that Dr. B is definitely a credit to the field of psychology and when I was looking for a therapist Dr. B was the proverbial yard stick that I held them all up too.? If I lived near him I would have gone to him in a heart beat.? I also think that this site is so extremely beneficial and I like it so much I would pay membership dues if they were required (but I think it's good they are not because then more people can participate).?

Anyway, TSOW, I'm glad you pointed that was remiss of me not to mention it earlier.


hi Toeless,
i have to agree with the above replies,,, personally i wouldn't touch online pharmacies with a ten foot pole. ? ? ? ? I would also assume that a credit card would have to be used. so it may be possible
that u could suffer from your card details being used elswhere. ?
here in Ireland credit card scams using bogus web sites have been uncovered in the past.
don't know if this would have any relevance, but i use the same pharmacy all the time and the pharmacist has record of my meds. ?They spotted once that a med i was collecting for my mam would clash with someting else she was on and advised to ring doc and check. ? I can't imagine an online pharmacy doing that, ? ? my motto is ? Stick with who you know.

take care.
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