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I've been acting very VERY stupidly the past month or so. Not sure if it's because I just don't care anymore or what. About 4 this morning I was woken up by SEVERE abdominal cramps. Felt like my insides were twisting (kinda like when you have trapped gas but 10x more intense), also felt like period cramps, but much worse. Then I started to feel extremely nauseated, cold, and weak. I crawled to the toilet, hung over it, and almost passed out. There is a mirror shower door in my bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself, and never have been so pale. This feels like the closest I've ever been to death. It terrified me. It finally subsided after about 15 minutes, so I drank a little water, and laid back down with a heating pad over my abdomen. The cramps are gone by now. (Extremely embarrassing to admit, but after I passed some gas, it felt better.) I still feel kinda weak, but also did not sleep much.

So, anyway, I can only go to a free state run hospital which is in a bad neighborhood, and there is usually a whole day wait to be seen, or I can visit a free clinic on Weds. I was wondering if these symptoms are typical of an overdose of Cephalexin. I was taking 500mg 2x day for 2 days. I was taking it because I had this infection which seemed to be bacterial vaginitis. I'm so embarrassed to say this, and I do realize that the pain I experienced could be a symptom of an STD, PID, or even an ectopic pregnancy. I'm so disgusted with myself. I took a pregnancy test, and it came up negative, but I know that it's not 100% accurate. I'm so scared because I'm about 5 days late. I've been experiencing my usual symptoms right before my period though. Prior to the day I was supposed to start my period, I had what seemed to be a yeast infection, and I think upon treating that I caused the bacterial infection.

Here's another really stupid thing I've done. I was also taking an herb called Blue Cohosh diluted in water. At first I took more than I probably should (even though I read it is toxic in high doses, I was feeling frantic), but then I stopped altogether after I took the pregnancy test. That was on Weds. I had read that this herb helps bring on your period so you miscarry any fertilized egg, just in case I thought. Maybe I really messed up my cycle, plus the stress, and I also heard that antibiotic overdoses can sometimes cause anemia which would not help my situation any either. I'm trying so hard to remain calm, and take this step by step because I do feel like my flow is going to start any minute. I will not take any other pills, extracts, etc. I just plan to drink lots of water, and lay in bed today.

Like I said, I'm very ashamed to post this here, but I don't have health insurance to go see a doctor. I probably will have to make a trip to the free clinic though to get tested. I wonder if they might also have a counsellor I can talk to about my behavior, it's totally out of character. Not like I'm going wild, just have been irresponsible with one particular guy I thought cared about me for a long time now. Doesn't seem like it anymore though. Well, gonna lock myself indoors today, so I don't do anything else that's dumb.


The symptoms you describe sound very similar to an episode of gastro-enteritis I had last October. So it may be a virus.

On the other hand, you have all these issues with the various medication you're on, which may be the main cause, or part of the whole picture, which may or may not include a stomach bug.

I'll leave it to others with more medical knowledge.

I definitely think some counselling would be a very very good idea.
in addition to a stomach bug, heavy cramping could also indicate a very, very early miscarriage, but there is no way for us to really know what is happening to you right now, with the combination of medication and herbal supplements you've been taking.

i think laying low and keeping yourself hydrated for today is probably a good choice, as well as stopping any herbal supplements you may have been taking as you say you are already doing now.

i would go to the clinic as soon as you are able to to get yourself checked out. not a bad idea at all, even if it's only to calm you down and reduce your stress levels worrying about yourself.



extremely nauseated, cold, and weak
are usually symptoms of extreme pain,as you had with your stomach cramping,its a very mild form of shock(or so the dr told me)..I have had this exact same reaction with an infected wisdom tooth

.good idea to rest and drink lots :)


Thank you for your replies. Relieved to know that others have experienced this type of episode. I experienced something similar to this before a long time ago when I became dehydrated. I actually did faint then. This time, my breath was just very short and rapid. That's what scared me the most. My friend who works in the medical field did say that it sounded like I was going into shock. Also, thanks Daniel for those articles. One of them talked about women miscalculating their cycles. According to the normal 28 day cycle, I counted the days on my calendar since my last period, and I'm only 2 days late instead of 5. That calmed me down a little bit more. I feel better by now. Not weak anymore. K, I guess I can rest a little easier tonight. Thank you everyone.


Hi Rebecca,

Hope you are feeling better. Try not to worry, it could be anything and I hope you can find a counsellor too. Don't feel ashamed, I have posted all kinds of things, I have never felt judged or looked down on here, it's kind of nice to have that on this forum. Let us know that everything turns out ok.
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