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Psychological Self-Help
by Dr. Clayton E. Tucker-Ladd

Psychological Self-Help is a free online self-help book written by a licensed psychologist. This is a large and important resource which is also available for free download (20 Mb!) in Adove Acrobat PDF form.

CHAPTER 1 Understandings about Self-Help
CHAPTER 2 Steps in Self-Help

Understanding the Solution and the Problem
CHAPTER 3 Values and Morals: Guidelines for Living
CHAPTER 4 Behavior, Motivation, and Self-Control
CHAPTER 5 Stress, Anxiety, Fears,
and Psychosomatic Disorders
CHAPTER 6 Happiness, Depression and Self-Concept
CHAPTER 7 Anger and Aggression
CHAPTER 8 Dependency and Conformity
CHAPTER 9 Understanding Ourselves and Our Relationships
CHAPTER 10 Dating, Love, Marriage, and Sex

How to Apply Self-Help Methods
CHAPTER 11 Methods for Changing Behavior
CHAPTER 12 Methods of Changing Emotions
CHAPTER 13 Methods for Developing Skills
CHAPTER 14 Methods for Changing Our Thoughts,
Attitudes, Self-concept, Motivation,
Values, and Expectations
CHAPTER 15 Methods for Gaining Insight into Ourselves
Have you read it?

I don't mind downloading it if it's worth it. Errr...I guess you think it's worth it, otherwise you wouldn't have posted it :eek:

David Baxter PhD

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It's a huge download but you can also bookmark the URL and read it online.

This is an update recently moved to it's own website. I read parts of it perhaps 5 years ago (?) and thought it was an excellent resource then. Have a look at the online version and see what you think.


I too have just bookmarked the link and will read it online when I get a chance. At first when I looked at the index it felt overwhelming to me with so much information but I was wondering if I could just read the chapters that I feel pertain to me in any order or does it have to be read front to back without jumping around?

Thanks for the post Dr. B.....great resource.

David Baxter PhD

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I think the chapters were intended by the author as resources that would (more or less) stand alone, so reading only those sections that interest you or seem relevant to you should work. I think the original intention of the book was a sort of encyclopedia of self-help that people could use as a resources and reference.


I think i have found what i was looking for with this link..
might take me years to get through it tho...

thanks David.

oh has anyone gone thru any part of this book yet?? any reviews.. ??


well so much for finding what i was looking for... I have found tht i can't concentrate on it.. even parts tha i am interested in.. guess not ready yet to get into reading at the level this needs.

sorry ihave no reviews to offer either.
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