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I just want to know did anyone else have the same experience that I get most time when I call the hotline I get put on hold till the next available person is free. This morning I called the Hotline and after waiting 5 minutes I hanged up. Once I waited 15 minutes then the person who came on the line didn't sound like she knew what she was doing. I know you can't expect a person to answer right away but when a person is in a crisis sometimes trying to wait patiently on the phone stinks.



The crisis line in Ottawa is staffed by volunteers and like all volunteer positions, it is sometimes difficult to find competent people to fill all staffing positions.

The people who staff the lines in this particular facility are trained in the Livingworks Asist program and provide support services 24 hours a day.

Sometimes multiple calls come in and when someone is in a serious crisis, they need the full attention of whoever is on duty.

I have met several people who train and staff that particular crisis center and can say they are all dedicated volunteers who do the best they can with the resources they have on hand.

If you want to learn more about the center, Sue, ask about it the next time you are at the Ottawa office of the CMHA.
Thanks Steve. I was never at the Ottawa CMHA office since I don't live in Ottawa.
It's just funny I do the right thing in calling the Hotline and I get put on hold then I come on this site and it was down. Can I get better luck? LOL

It wasn't funny then but I guess I can laugh at it now.

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