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I was recently in a car accident well ...umm car accident I was crossing the road and got hit by a drunk driver ..hit and run .. it hapened about 4 months ago I was not really seriously injured ...cuts and scrapes a broken arm , hip and 2 ribs i was kept over night at the hospital and released the next day but since then i have not been able to cross the road I have nightmares at night but still do not quite remeber the accident I can't stand looking into the light the sun or even watch tv if there is a car accident I even possponed my driver license test cause i am too scared I was woundering does this behavior last forever or am I going to be okay soon cause well lets just say my friends kind of get anoyed when I hold there shirts to cross the road and shut my eyes ...
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David Baxter PhD

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That's the Type 1 PTSD your therapist was talking about? Are you working on this with him?

Some people find a realtively new treatment called EMDR to be helpful... ask your therapist about that.

I haven't really worked on this matter I sort of avoid it because well i don't want to trigger any memory of the event .. I'm a bit of a chiken .. I am a type of person that takes care of how I look and all and after the accident I was completly disfigure now I am okay and everything is healed but i was pretty hidious and don't want o remeber that part of my life at all
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