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I had this really wierd dream about a year ago and was wondering what anyone else thought of it or what they thought it could be about. Below is the dream:

I was driving in this pickup with two of my other friends one was Todd and the other was someone else that I don't know in real life. We were driving down the road and all the sudden this lady jumps on the passenger side of the pickup and starts throwing my two friends out of the car. They go tumbling down the road and she is staring at me from the open car door window trying to get in the car. I panic as I am driving and try to think of a way to get her off and finally run the side of the pickup against a pole so she goes flying off. As she is tumbling off the side of my car I realize that this girl is a dead girl that is coming after me.

I keep on driving and relax a little bit and it starts raining really hard and all the sudden I am in the downtown part of Papillion (the place where I live) and I pull the car to the side of the road and get out. I start walking down the side of the road and I hear someone running behind me so I look and it is that dead girl coming after me! She is trying to kill me! So I start running as fast as I can to get away from here. At this time it isn't raining anymore either.

So I run for a while and finally run into this families house and run into the living room. She follows me and is looking directly at me. At about this time I realize we are in the dead girl's mother's house. The dead girl can't kill me because I am in her mom's house. So I stay in this house for days and keep talking to this dead girl about a lot of things. Finally one night me and her are sitting on opposite couches and I lean over to her couch and kiss her. The dead chick! We start going at it and I have sex with her!!!! Then she starts crying and looks at me and says, "I'm sorry I have to kill you." and holds up this giant axe over my head I yell, "No!" and grab it and chop off her head. Right then I hear this loud rumber and this red demon jumps out of this hole and tries to grab me and then I wake up! And that's the end of the dream

I know it seems kinda sick but I always have wierd dreams like this. At the time I had the dream I was having some real problems with some stuff that had happened in my past. (sexual abuse) I was wondering if anyone thinks the two are related and how?
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