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Children. Pets. Sunsets. Sunrises. Rainbows. Cats. Dogs. Flowers. Spring. Breezes on your face. The sunshine. Laughter. A babbling brook. Trees in fall. Beautiful gemstones. Poems. Music. Driving through the countryside on a beautiful day. Going to a concert. Love. Creating art. Doing something you love doing. Old barns. Old doors. Looking for the perfect something that you really want. New shoes. A new dress for the baby for taking summer pictures in. Something to look forward to. The beach. The sound of the ocean on the shore. The moon. Going to an amusement park. Playing hide and go seek with a little one. Laughing with your children. Realizing no one in the world can take your place if you aren't there. And not being there would leave a big, gaping hole in the world. Dreaming. A cozy blanket at night to curl up in. Chocolate. Being someone special even if you don't believe it. Crying. Feeling. Being. Living. Trying your best. People who care. Warmth. Passion. Believing in that tiny little spot of hope even when things seem so dark. Having someone who loves you. We all do even if it's hard to believe. Just wanting something better is a reason to live.
reasons to live: the dr. baxter version

spam (in a can)
the simpsons
bad jokes
hell banning spammers
cats with big heads
this smiley :panic:

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