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Hi, Children deal with stress and anxiety every day at school.?

While some adults overlook the bullies, children have to defend themselves and try to ignore the awful comments from these children.?

What has been your experience with bullies?

How do we help and support out children to have a great day at school? Steph?


Hi Steph,

I am currently doing a teaching degree and also work with children in day care centres.

I did a workplacement for uni that had me deal with a lot of bullying and when I was a child at School I was bullied.

It is something that is a real problem and sadly the younger children seem to be the ones who are more at risk of being teased and teasing (according to a lot of research one of my lecturers has done and looked at).

Your question:
How do we help and support our children to have a great day at school?

is one that I really wish I could answer. I mean the thing is that you are not able to be there at School with your child so it is so tough to ensure that they are having a good day.

But I guess what I would say is:-

*get to know your childs teacher.
* listen to your child and inquire about their day -- to ensure hopefully that you pick up on any bullying that they are hvaing and if you find some contact the School about it to at least make them aware, but don't expect it to be changed and dealt with easily.
*get a copy of the schools bullying policy if they have one and become familiar with it.
*encourage your child and praise them to help their self esteem -- children with high self esteem are less likely to be bullied.
*if possible help out at your childs school, even if it is only with a weekend fete.
*if possible go to parent meetings and discuss positives and negatives.
*read books to your child about bullying -- so they know it is wrong and discuss this with them, even if they are not being bullied.
*try to ensure your child is not a geek, lol, lol, lol.
*with hold priviledges if your child is the bully, also try and put your child in the shoes of the bullied child by re-enactment and talking (not harming them of course).
*if possible have your childs friends over to your house and have them go to theirs so that their social group extends outside of School.
*also they say that children who are involved in Sports and other clubs girls' brigade/ scouts etc... are not only healthier and happier, but they also are less likely to be teased (not always of course).
*keep the teacher up to date with as much info as possible -- i.e. stress and illness at home, so they can better suit your childs needs at school.
*encourage your child to report bullying if they are able to.

That is about all that I have atm!!!

I am sure that a lot of that you do, so please don't think I was suggesting you didn't, that was just off the top of my head to try and help.



Thanks Heather

I do many of the things you listed but thanks for saying them. However, I will look at the school's policy, I think it is a zero touch policy which obviously is not being followed. Steph


Oh ok then!

It is a tricky one, all that we (teachers and parents) want is for children to have a wonderful tme at School and learn but it is so hard when this isn't happening.

I hope it gets better.



Hmmph. If the school has a "zero touch" policy, and that policy isn't being followed, I can see myself firmly seated in the Principal's office demanding that it BE followed, to the letter and immediately! I can be an ornery cuss. ;)
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