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hey there well i had a bad day my mom and step dad went out for supper so i was left in the full house when i say full house i mean i was free too do whatever i wanted so i had a binge and as i am sooo incompotent i could not stop at one i ate and then purged and repeated that process many many times my throught is killing me and i feel likea failure in everything i felt empty so i ate and then i felt dirty impure so i needed to clean myself i hate this patern but i can't stop it when it starts any pointers.. i still don'T have a psychologist were i am at yet my social worker has not gotten that set up yet she has not even called my i feel abandonned by everyone in this.. . i don't know what to do to go back a couple of steps or to try on my own and fail again...please help.

David Baxter PhD

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Ashley, a slip or relapse is only that and nothing more. One bad day or not even that - a few bad hours in one day. Tomorrow, you start again with a fresh sunrise and fresh resolve and do your best. That's all anyton ever can do.

I think you may need to "nag" that social worker a bit. Sometimes it's true that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".
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