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Where do I start with finding resources for a young woman who is 27 and has a 13 yr old sister living in a very unhealthy situation.

The mother has severe heroine and alcohol addictions along with neurological damage. She has a power of attorney who is suppose to be checking on her well being on a daily basis. Many of the mothers friends who have severe addcitions visit the home regularily.

The 13 yr old lives with mom. The CAS was suppose to visit and has not (called by the power of attorney). The older sister has just bought a new home and lives with her boyfriend. She is hoping that her younger sister will come and stay with her once they are settled and that she can gain custody of her. There is only one other relative who cannot take her at this time.

Is there financial support for the older sister in this situation. Where can I find information and support for this older sister. She wants nothing to do with the mother.

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Why didn't the CAS visit? They should have - that is their job and legal mandate.

Who made the report to the CAS? One way to jog them into action might be to report the situation to a physician who will then file a report of child endangerment.


My friend (older sister), who lives a healthy and stable life, was no longer living at home when her sister was born. She has been trying to contact her sister's father.

Mother is on methadone treatment.
Mother was recently in hospital for 6 mths newly diagnosed with neurological disorder and expected to go into long term care.
My friend and her other relative did not want to be responsible as Power of Attorney's.
Mother's neighbor became power of attorney.

Thirteen yr old sister had been staying with her best friends family.

Mother improved enough to be released under the care of Power of Att. who was supposed to do daily checks until other support/nursing people were put into place.

13 yr old went back home as friends family are moving.

Older sister called hospital social worker to infom her of her concern for her sister's well being by being back at home with a woman who cannot take care of her basic needs along with her other problems. Social worker called CAS who have yet to show up-- it's been 1 month.

CAS has been involved many times with this young girl but older sister says they have not been helpful enough. At one point 13yr old was placed with neighbour for 3 mths then placed back at home. Older sister feels they have failed to provide enough care/protection for her sibling.

Older sister has been staying with boyfriend's family and will be moving with him to their newly purchased home in a couple of weeks. She wants to be in the home so she has a stable environment before considering custody.

I told her about speaking to her family doctor about endangerment of child. She is thinking it would be best to wait until she has moved before doing this? It would be best to have CAS involved to help her get the resources to move and care for her sister, I am assuming. Are there any other agenices/options for her to be thinking about or considering?

Thank you
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